Tuesday, February 3, 2015

and now for something new...

6" x 6"
walnut ink

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to the Worcester Art Museum to see their annual "Flora in Winter" Flower show.  What a nice change of scenery from all the snow around here!  The show takes it's name from one of the museums's sculptures of the same title.    I absolutley loved the floral arrangments inspired by the artwork (more to come on that later...) by I am always drawn to the busts.  When I used to teach children's art classes at the museum, I would always bring them into the galleries to see these beautiful sculptures.  Sometimes we would draw from them and  I always loved seeing the children's interpretations!  This was done from a photograph of a bust in the European Gallery.  I have it from a few differnent angels and so I think I'll do a few more of him.  I somehow managed to make him look a little older than he should be.  But, I am happy that I managed to get the reflected light in there.