Wednesday, June 5, 2013

purple wildflowers

acrylic, 8" x 8"

These little purple flowers were given to me by my daughter Maggie. She picked them at the soccer field then neatly tied them up with a stem and presented them to me when she got home.

I've started this recent series of paintings with the theme of "clippings", or "cuttings", just random sprigs and leaves and such that I come across in my usual daily routine.  Nothing special or exotic, just everyday plants.  I find it easier to figure out to what to paint if I stick to a theme. 

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from fellow artist Sowmya Gade, over at her blog Copper Ground. She has a wonderful sense of color and and her work has such a nice painterly quality about it.  She had a give-a-way last month and I won!  Here is my prize...

It is a magnet of her painting of a Golden Retriever.  So cute!  Reminds me of my doggie!

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