Friday, January 8, 2016

Days 7 & 8

Yesterday I didn't have a lot of time but I managed to sit down and do a quick sketch.  I love the reference photo for this but it is tough to make it readable...

Today, I started this guy, still in progress but I might just start fresh... sometimes there's a mistake in the original drawing that can't be overlooked (or overpainted...). Anyway, I've got other things on my mind and so I'm not really giving my all.  it happens.


  1. It happens to everyone - especially during the challenge. I'm not doing it this year, and it's very different sitting back and looking at all of the challenge paintings.

    You know what this guy is "supposed" to look like because you know this dog or have the reference photo in front of you. I don't & I think he's beautiful!

    1. So true! It's hard to separate from the source. Thank you Chris, it's nice to hear someone knows the struggle! (;