Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

For me the new year always brings so much promise, so much potential, so many opportunities to start something new.  Today I started a new sketchbook, that I hope to draw in every day of 2015.  I call it my coffee sketchbook because I will spend the time it takes me to drink my morning coffee sketching here...
day one

I've been reading about getting organized and focused and what it comes down to is committing a certain time each day to what it is you want to accomplish.  I drink coffee every morning, and usually read the paper or make a list of to-dos.  If I spend that same time sketching, warming up for a painting or just mindlessly doodling, I'll still have drawn something that day, even if I don't accomplish anything else.

The something else that I'd like to accomplish is painting everyday, and with any luck, selling my work, or at least exhibiting more.  To that end, I've signed up for Leslie Saeta's Thirty Pintings in Thirty Days Challenge.  Here is my first submission:

"everyday is like sunday"

This is a painting of a friend's photo of her dog, that looks a lot like my dog, and I just couldn't resist.  I rushed into it too quickly and didn't get the drawing quite right so I think day 2 will be a redo of this very same picture...

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