Thursday, June 25, 2015

starting with the darks

Australian Shepard
8" x 5"

I've never been very good at working methodically, that is always using the same process to start a painting.  Sometimes I draw in the darkest areas and lines first, sometimes I block in the overall darks first.  Lately I've been starting with a pencil sketch, then going in with watercolor.  I'm finding that it's better to establish the overall pattern of light and dark first and then layer in the darker, and then darkest darks over that, so as to not disturb the layers underneath.  Now that I'm painting everyday, it's become easier to remember these things (that I should already know) and start the right way!  I never thought I had the discipline for the transparency of watercolor (acrylic and oil can always be covered or changed) but I think I may just learn yet...

Here is Day 56 (on top), Day 55 (underneath) and Day 54 (seen through the previous page):

Here is a look at the progression of this piece:

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