Tuesday, June 16, 2015


As I continue on my 100 day project, I am falling into some sort of a rythym of more finished sketches and quicker, less resolved sketches.  But mostly I feel like I've been "resolving" or
"finishing" these sketches more than I should be, being "sketches" and all.... So, I have resorted to having a sketchbook for my sketchbook.  The past few days I have done quicker, looser, sketches in my big 9"x12" book, before I do the my daily painting in my 6" x 6" book.  I feel like I should be working bigger and on loose watercolor paper instead of in this tiny sketchbook.  However, I committed to doing 100 paintings in the same format, and I do think it is a good practice.  I am learning a lot about watercolor but also about how I like to work. 

6" x 6"

Syndey is a beautiful Great Dane that lives on the 39th floor of a high rise in Chicago.  I can't wait to do more paintings of her.  Her daddy, my newphew Paul, takes a lot of great photos of her so I have alot to work from.  

Here is a look at my process...